Wednesday, February 27, 2013

Swimming and Snow!!

SNOW!!!  I am so tired of all of this snow!!  Last week the kids got out of school early on Thursday and then they didn't have school on Friday.  This week they got out early on Tuesday, had no school on Wednesday, and they already have a late start for tomorrow!!  I am glad though that they are being cautious.  I would rather have it be that way then worrying about driving them or sending them on the bus with bad roads.  But seriously...I am so ready for summer!! 

This past weekend, Katie had her last swim meet of the season.  It was her conference meet.  She swam in 2 relays and then swam the 25 Free and the 25 Back.  She did a great job.  It is hard to believe that this is the same little girl who at the start of the season couldn't swim an entire lap without having to stop multiple times.
Backstroke by far is her favorite!!  She got 1st place in her heat so she got a special heat winner ribbon.  She is so proud of it.  She is going to take it for show and tell on Friday.  She ended up getting 7th overall in that event.
Her relay team got fourth.  So they just missed getting a medal by one place...bummer!!
Katie's cheering section and her biggest fans! Kale would get so excited when he would spot her behind the blocks!!
The best part of the meet was the new sweatshirt that Katie got.  They had a company there that had all different shirt options (sweatshirts, long sleeve shirts, etc) in all different colors, and they had all different kinds of logos that you could put on them.

Katie got her sweatshirt with all the swimmers names on the back.  She thought that was pretty cool that her name was on there!!

 I can't say enough how proud I am of her.  She was so nervous and scared at the beginning of the season, yet she stuck with it even though it was hard work.  Now she loves being in the water and has made some really great friends as well.  Unfortunately the Simpson college pool where they have been swimming at is being closed down after tomorrow night's last practice.  Indianola is building a new YMCA that is supposed to be finished around August.  So until the outdoor pool opens (they are anticipating the middle of May...but will still be freezing to be swimming outside!!) we will have some time off.  Our club is going to swim at the South Side YMCA 2 nights a week, but Katie has dance one of those nights and it would also be about an extra 15-20 minute drive from the already 20 minutes (one way) that we drive for practices now.  So we are going to just wait and enjoy our free nights at home!! 

  I love this last picture of Katie getting a high five from her coach after she finished her race.  All the coaches are so great and supportive.  We really have an awesome team!!

Monday, February 18, 2013

15 years ago today...

Fifteen years ago today I went on my first date with this handsome guy...

I know we went to see a movie, but for the life of me I can't remember what we went to go see. 
I do remember being so nervous.  Even though we had been friends for months this was our first "official "date!! I remember that I was sitting in the good ol' black blazer and as we were driving down the interstate he said.."you can put your purse down, unless you are planning to jump!!" ( I had my purse sitting on my lap with a death grip on it)
I also remember that the song "Dust on the Bottle" by David Lee Murphy came on the radio and he said that it was his uncle who sang that song!!  Of course I was like...that is so awesome!!! And then he was like I am totally just kidding with you. :)

When we got home from our first date, I ran in the house to call my best friend Melissa to tell her all about it.  She asked me if I kissed him goodnight and I said when it was time to go it got really awkward and so I was just like "Thanks..see you later."  She said...get in your car drive over there and kiss the boy and then call me back!! Ha!!

Man we look young back then...and I wish someone would have introduced me to eyebrow waxing a little sooner!!  Those things are out of control!!
There is no one else that I would have wanted to spend the last 15 years with, and there is no one that I want to spend the next 15 years plus with!!  
You are an awesome husband and best friend, but you are even a better daddy!!  Our kiddos are pretty darn lucky!!
We may have gained a few pounds, have a few more gray hairs...but it was all worth it!!
I love you!!! 

Thursday, February 14, 2013

Happy Valentine's Day!!

We hope you have a great Valentine's Day!!

Friday, December 21, 2012

Snowed In

The kids' Christmas vacation started a few days early.  We were hit with a big blizzard Wednesday night.  School was canceled on Thursday and Friday.  Kale was disappointed that he had to miss out on his Polar Express party at school and Katie was bummed that she missed out on her party too.  But once I reminded them that we had 24 cupcakes and 24 sugar cookies that we now would have to eat ( I was in charge of the snacks :) ) they decided it wasn't so bad after all!! Unfortunately Kennedy also decided to get sick during this time.  She woke up on Thursday morning with a temp of 103!!  I am certain that she has the exact same thing that Kale had last week...just a yucky virus.  But fortunately just like Kale she doesn't complain that anything hurts..just as the fever.  I hope it doesn't last as long as Kale's did (5 days) and that it doesn't get passed on to anyone else. 

I have a funny story to share about Kennedy.  Last night I was cooking dinner and Justin was in the kitchen talking to me while Kennedy was playing on the floor with her Little People.  All of a sudden Justin interrupts me and asks  Is she yelling at Baby Jesus??  Sure enough we both stop and listen and this is what we hear  Baby Jesus get out of the camper..Did you hear me Baby Jesus I said...Get out of the camper!!!  She has the Little People Nativity Scene and apparently Baby Jesus wanted to go camping and Kennedy wanted him out of the camper.  I never thought that I would say the words..Honey it isn't nice to yell at Baby Jesus..maybe you could try to ask him nicely??

I want to document about our fun weekend before we are in the full swing of this weekend!! Last Saturday night the kids had their Christmas Program at church.  They both looked so cute up on the big stage.  You could tell that Kale was a little overwhelmed...he basically just stood there and looked around.  But Katie did a great job of singing and doing all the hand motions.

After church the kids thought that we were going to go to Aunt Barb's for a fun Christmas sleepover with all of the cousins.  But we had a surprise in store for them.  It was me and my kids, Aunt Barb and her kids, and Aunt Jill (Barb's Sister in law) and her kids.  Shortly after we got there we said that we were going to go get some pizza, when we opened the garage door they saw this waiting for them...

Barb had rented a limo to go look at Christmas Lights.  The kids were beyond excited.  These were a few of the comments heard through out the night:
Katie:  There are no seat belts in this thing!!!
Kennedy:  I don't have to be in my car seat!!
Kale: Mom there is a TV in a real TV
Kennedy:  I can stand up in this thing.
Kale: Is this your car Aunt Barb?
Kennedy:  Don't you guys just love this big car??

We had packed snacks and juice boxes for the kids and us mommies had our own special drinks :)

I love these girls.  We have had some good times together!!

 Kennedy was a wild woman in the limo.  She was all over the place!!
These two had a blast!!

It was a pretty late night.  We didn't get back to Barb's until after 11pm.  Someone got tuckered out and fell asleep on Aunt Barb.

We got home and everyone got in their sleeping bags and went to bed.  The next morning Aunt Barb made pancakes...well she tried to make them until the smoke alarms started going off then Aunt Jill took over. :)  It was a great night and it might just have to become another annual tradition!!

The next day Katie had her Christmas dance recital.  She did an awesome job considering how tired she was from the night before.  It was hard to get any good pictures in the auditorium but I got a few before and after her dance.

We had a great weekend and are looking forward to another great one this weekend that includes our Christmas service at church, going to see Santa, and a movie night watching the Polar Express.  It is hard to believe that Christmas is just right around the corner!!

Wednesday, December 12, 2012

Going Stir Crazy!!

           We are I am going stir crazy over here!!  We have had the sickness hit our house this week.  In fact I have not left the house since Sunday evening!!  I. Must. Get. Out!!! HA!!
          Kale woke up Monday morning with a temp of 103.  He had no other symptoms than his temp.  Monday afternoon I started not feeling the temp, just nauseous and overall not felling well.  Yesterday I spent a majority of the day on the couch and when Justin got home I went straight to bed at 5:30 and slept straight through until this morning.  Kale's temp is finally on the way down and I am felling a little bit better...I should after sleeping for over 12 hours straight!! And at least I know that I will be getting out of the house after Justin gets home if I want to or not...we are out of milk, bread, juice, and about everything else that you can think of!! I am hoping that we are on the mend and that no one else in our family gets it.  I want us well for the holidays!!

 Playing a game of Memory with Mom.

 Poor guy...not feeling the best.
Starting to feel a little bit better!! 

Sunday, December 9, 2012

Life lately according to phone pictures...

We have had a busy couple of weeks around here lately, with no signs of it slowing down anytime soon!!  December is always that way though...and although it may be a little crazy at times, I wouldn't have it any other way. December to me is full of traditions, family, and friends. It is even more special now that we have kids to pass on the traditions to.

We are finally finished with all the decorating!!  Don't ask about the Christmas Cards...that is still on the list of things to do.  I promise they are coming!! 
 Here are the kids ornaments from this year,  I explained I bit more about it back in this post.  Kale got a Tae Kwon Do kid, Katie a swimmer, and Kennedy is a little Irish girl.  I was really wanting to find a little angel with Devil horns for Kennedy, but nobody seems to make those!!  Ha!!
Last Saturday Katie had another swim meet. It was so nostalgic to me because the meet was held at North High School.  That is where I swam for YEARS, before Ankeny had an indoor pool.  The coolest thing though was the team still has the same coach that I used to swim for!!  I was reading where it said that he has been coaching that team for over 30 years!!  He still looks the exact same!!  Katie was so nervous because she had to swim butterfly in the relay.  She has never swam that at a meet before.  She had tears and everything the night before and you could tell that she was a nervous wreck before the race.  I prayed that God would let her finish, I didn't care how she did...I just wanted her to finish.  Well she did it!!!  I was so proud of her.  I will spare you all the video because I am yelling like a lunatic in it but here is a picture of her right after she finished.  She was tuckered out!!

That night I went to my girlfriend's annual Naughty or Nice Christmas party.  It was a blast as usual..lots of laughter over all of the crazy gifts.  I was just getting over a nasty cold so I didn't stay as late as I wanted to..but it was still a great time!!

What else has been going on...

This handsome boy got a new haircut!!  I could just eat him up sometimes!!

This little girl thinks that it is funny to stick out her tongue every time I ask her to smile!!

Katie was an elf at her school musical.  She did a great job!!

This year for Christmas we adopted a family through our church.  Last night we got to go to their house and deliver our gifts and groceries.  It was such a blessing not only for them but for our family as well.  I hope it makes our kids realize how fortunate they are.  Here the kids are with all of the goodies we were going to deliver...Katie was at a birthday party when we took the picture, but she went with us to deliver them.

Then afterwards I went to a cookie exchange party.  I made 9 dozen of the same kind of cookie and then we exchanged them with everyone at the party, so I came home with 9 dozen different kinds of cookies.  I think that I have gained about 15 pounds just from today!! 

Today we went to the Nutcracker Ballet.  This is our third year to go. Kennedy stayed with Grandma and Papa, but I think that next year she will be ready to go. 

We went out to eat afterwards and I was asking everyone what there favorite part was, and Kate said what was your favorite part Daddy?  And he the end, when I was putting my coat on!!  :)  HA!! This is one tradition that Justin would LOVE to cross off the list!!

We have another fun but busy week ahead...December 25th will be here before we know it!!

Monday, November 26, 2012

Thanksgiving 2012

We had a great Thanksgiving this year.  We spread it out over several days.  It was so nice to be able to sit and relax and not have to worry about rushing off to the next place.

We spent Thursday and Justin's parents house.  We had tons of great food.  I didn't have my camera out much but I did happen to catch a picture of Kennedy helping out Papa in the kitchen.

playing around with my new phone!!

After stuffing our faces for both lunch and dinner, I dropped the family off at home and headed up to Ankeny to get started on our annual Black Friday shopping!!  (don't know if you can really call it that or not anymore since it is now starting on Thursday!!)  We decided not to head over to the outlet mall this year.  Since we now have a Nike outlet in Des Moines and all the stores were opening up Thursday night we figured that we would save ourselves the 3 hours of driving.  We were at Wal Mart shortly after 8pm and we finished up just in time to go to Okoboji's and watch the Iowa game at 11am.  Yep...that is 15 straight hours of shopping!!  It really wasn't that bad and the amount of fun that we girls have far outweighs anything else!  The best part though is that I started with nothing checked off my lists and I am now about 95% done.  Just a few little things that I still need to pick up.

Saturday it was back to Barb's house for more food!!  Everyone (minus me..) pitched in on the food and we had tons of it!! 

Look at all that food!!  There is even more on the counter behind Barry.  YUM!!!

Mom has wanted to get a picture with all of her grandkids for a long time and we finally got it done.  Kennedy wasn't being very cooperative.  She kept trying to cover her face, but I think that between Barb and I we got some good ones.  

 Everyone loves their Grandma!!

My two little Turkeys in their matching dresses Grandma made them.

It was so fun to just spend the day hanging with the family!  We always laugh so much when we are all together.

Kale and his cousin Caitlin!!  Isn't she soo beautiful!!  Everyone always says that we look a lot alike.  I take that as a huge compliment...not sure how she takes it!!  Ha!!

I can't believe that Thanksgiving is already over and soon it will be December.  Christmas will be here before we know it.  We did finish up the weekend starting to decorate the house.  It is slow going though with three little helpers!!  Hope you had a great Thanksgiving!!